Monday, June 23, 2014

Things i don't get in Twitter

I made my twitter account way back in 2009. But it’s merely been a year i have been active on the twitter.
There are few things i really don’t get why people do that on twitter.
I have selected 5 things.
1) Tweets without any mention or hashtag:
It seems like people tend to forget that there is thing called DM in twitter. Ok fine they find DM bit slow. They have
more other options beside twitter to communicate and chat if they want to intereact without other people knowing who they are
intereacting with like skype, watsapp, facebook etc etc. May be they are aware of these social media and may be they just want
to show off or just increase the amount of tweets. Well it’s not number of tweet that matter but the depth in the tweet.
2) Follows you and after you give follow back they unfollow you:
Well some people follow you and after you give follow back they tend to unfollow you. Well who needs to follow you anyways i get notified via or several similar sites. So i don’t need to keep on following you. you are not any celebrity or something.
3) People who don’t like stalkers yet they want followers:
People are dying to increase the number of followers they have in their twitter yet they dont want anyone to stalk them.
Well what’s the point of having twitter account then? It’s really close to stalking by the way. Your every follower is your stalker.
4) Nepali Unicode hashtag:
People don’t seem to know the main purpose of hashtag or they are just simply ignoring the fact and using #tag for unicode which actually doesn’t work.
Your hashtag done in unicode is not going to work. it won’t link to the search related to that hashtag.It may be just me or something but i thing it’s not right.
5) linked to twitter:
I dont understand what is this anyway you keep on asking people questions. and they keep on answering and when you link that to twitter
Your followers are going to see nothing but question and answer. What do you think of yourself are you some kind of celebrity or something and we are dying to read your interview?

Well this is just voice in my head. if anybody is offended in any sense i don’t care coz i haven’t said anything that would offend anyone anyway.
Peace out.

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