Sunday, June 29, 2014

Baldness types and attraction of women towards it.

While coming across twitter I found this statement Bald is the new sexy. Then my mind as always starts to wander around. Trying to decode and find out the exact what is in there. 
If we think of baldness we can consider two primary types of baldness i.e. temporary and permanent well that is not much of a concern so I have not categorized in hierarchical manner.
As far as I think. This is my personal opinion and not necessary everyone has to agree.  There are generally 4 types of baldness i have seen. First and Second may contradict with each other which i have mentioned below as well.
1)      Natural/old age Baldness
2)      Wisdom Baldness
3)      Situational Baldness
4)      Willing Baldness

1) Natural /Old age Baldness:
To tell the truth old people are to be respected and generally women and girls don’t fall for them. The age of same category will be attracted and some teenager or young women will be attracted too if they have fetish for old man. Like this guy have fetish for old woman. See the video.

But this old people can also attract women with the help of old pal Benjamin Franklin for sure. But with that you will get only temporary attraction. So this category of baldness is less likely to get true love.

2) Wisdom Baldness: Wisdom and Knowledge don’t have age they say. But long term use of brain may get hair off your head. Engineering and medical students might have felt this. So this type of baldness surely will attract women. As this type of baldness will have some level of confidence as well because of this wisdom and knowledge is surely attractive. There might be no age bar in this type of category of baldness. But it is not necessary that wisdom baldness come at early age it may come at old age as well. I am not trying to say that old people are not wise which may just conflict with the first type. And a chance of getting true love in this one is higher than the first one.
3) Situational Baldness: Some people get disease and some may have to shave their( in our Nepalese society people have to shave their head when there is human loss and in some other ritual like bratabandha) Since this is temporary baldness it doesn’t really affect the attraction of woman whatsoever.
4) Willing Baldness: Some people like to get trendy. They are influenced by the celebrities like Jason Statham, Bruce Willis or Pit-bull etc. So they naturally shave their head. This type of people attracts all categories of women because this is also temporary.

Well in conclusion what we can say that baldness may not merely be the turn on or turn off factor for women. Well the side factor does matter for attraction like wealth and wisdom. With wealth one would attract temporary love and with wisdom one would attract long term love. Also wisdom wealth doesn’t come with the age and baldness. They are all different terms. Wealthy old man can have hair. Young wise man can have bald head. The category is just things on my head not to take it seriously. If anyone has any objections then do let me know in form of comment.

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