Saturday, June 21, 2014

People are being busy or lazy.

Today is the Jyabla (Bhoto Dekhaune) Jatra. The Jawlakhel area used to be so much crowded on the very day. When i recall my childhood the crowd used to be so immense that if you happen to wear clean pair of white shoes it would turn into complete black or brown colour as soon as you take revolution of the God Machhendranath (the big chariot with the idol of Lord Rato Machhendranath). Newars especially celebrate this god with name Karunamaya Dya. It is some how linked with the agriculture. The god is believed to bring rain for the farmers. People of the valley have gave up agriculture and started growing houses instead of paddy and selling the rent instead of rice may be that is also one of the cause people are seen less in the festival today. But for me this festival has been really fascinating. i recall my childhood days when i get excuse to go to zoo on this very day because the the chariot of Rato machhendranath is kept near the central zoo located at jawlakhel. Today also i went along with my family there in the morning got blessings from god and came back home. We might have come far along. but we must not forget what we were in the past. The culture are the reflection of our ancestors and we must preserve it in our own way. Long live culture and Festivals of Nepal.

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